Labor union

After joining the primary labor union organization of Bashkir Soda Company is now the most numerous of Roskhimprofsoyuz in Republic of Bashkortostan.

The main objective of the labor union is the improvement of life and labor conditions, protection of individual and collective social-and-labor rights and interests of the union’s members.

For regulation of social-and-labor relations the company has a labor contract which covers a wide range of the most significant issues: payment for labor, labor conditions, labor protection and safety, compensation and benefits. Young employees are been supported financially after return from Russian military service, when starting a family, child birth and etc. Children of employees have opportunity to go to children camps and children health resorts at knockdown cost, as well as to get sweet presents to the New Year.             

Budget for fulfillment of labor contract activities in 2014 exceeds 140 million rubles.

The primary labor union of the company many times took the 1st place in a Republic competition “For social efficiency and development of social partnership”, win the competition “Strong labor unions is the reliable social and economic protection of employees”.

The main objective of BSC’s labor union is to maintain and multiply good traditions of its 70-year history.