Council of veterans

Company’s Management gives special attention to the employees retired on a pension.

Care for the company’s veterans is truly considered to be an important direction of social policy. Every year Bashkir Soda Company allocates more than 62 million rubles for financial support of nonworking retired employees, war veterans, widows and war workers, grants vouchers for health and resort treatment.        

Having supported the initiative of the Government of Republic of Bashkortostan on creation of “People Institute of Third Age”, the company has organized free computer courses for pensioners. Instructors who were the company’s employees have developed special program for them. Pensioners were taught how to communicate with friends and relatives through video communication, correspond via e-mail, search and find answers to questions in the global Net.          

A tradition to invite pensioners for factory tours was born nine years ago. This is one of the most heartfelt corporate projects of Bashkir Soda Company. The veterans are coming to former workplaces; meet ones to whom they were advisors and mentors. Detailed report on factory tours is published in the corporate newspapers, one of which - “Veteran of soda company” – was created especially for pensioners and perhaps is the only one specially intended corporate publication for pensioners in the Republic.